Twitter app

Live twitter stream on your big screen TV

Showing the live Twitter buzz on that big screen TV in your bar, restaurant, store or office can be fun for your audience and lead to them advertising your place in their social network. Just drag ‘n drop the Twitter app onto any of your Bizplay pages and your good to go!

Your own message

Alternate with your own message

Combine the live tweet stream with your own message by creating pages with your own text, images, videos, etc. and putting all pages in an endlessly repeating playlist.

TV screen

Simple playback

To playback the playlist you created, you don’t need any specific software. Just a web browser. There are two ways to get a web browser on the TV:

  1. Connect a computer to the TV
  2. Use a TV with a built-in web browser, like a modern "Smart TV"
Bizplay logo

Endless possibilities of on-site marketing

We believe that a big screen TV in your business offers endless possibilities for experimenting with and executing innovative and fun on-site marketing ideas. Bizplay offers an ever expanding set of apps to use your screens to their full potential. And since Bizplay is a subscription-based service that runs entirely on the internet, you’ll get each new app automatically and for free*. Some other examples:




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* Unless you have a subscription that excludes certain types of app