Digital signage: reselling and white-labeling

Bizplay is always looking for professionals who can offer additional services on top our product, like supplying, installing and maintaining hardware, such as TV screens and playback devices. But also the design and management of screen content and on-site marketing consulting are services that go hand in hand with a digital signage product like Bizplay. This can even be done in white-labeled form.

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Benefits for your customer

Bizplay offers a number of unique benefits for your customer, like:

  • It is very easy to use.
  • The customer can change content (like texts, images, etc.) himself realtime with the Bizplay Designer. Even on an iPhone or iPad.
  • Everything runs online, so no need to ever install any updates or upgrades.
  • Bizplay apps make screen content fresh and dynamic, e.g.:




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* Unless you have a subscription that excludes certain types of app

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Benefits for you as reseller

Bizplay makes your life as a reseller easy. For instance:

  • Bizplay runs 100% within a web browser, so if browsers work within a customer organization, Bizplay works as well.
  • The IT department of a client organization does not have to be involved.
  • With Bizplay Plug 'N Play, you do not have to install and maintain an operating systems on the playback computer. Put a Bizplay Plug 'N Play USB stick or memory card in the computer and Google Chrome automatically starts with the preset Bizplay channel address.
  • Bizplay Plug 'N Play is free. So you can save on Windows licenses.
  • Bizplay works on both wired and wireless internet, even if it is temporarily unavailable or slow.