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Bizplay introduces one low-cost subscription for unlimited screens

By Pascal Lindelauf | |

July 22, 2013

homepage.jpgUtrecht, NL – Today Bizplay announced new subscription models for their hosted web-based content management system for digital signage. They now fully leverage the power of being a 100% web-based company, by allowing a single subscription to serve an unlimited number of screens/players. Design once, play anywhere for one low monthly or annual fee, starting at $16/month.

In addition, there will be an Enterprise subscription tier available shortly. This is specifically aimed at enterprises with a large number of players, and resellers that want to offer customers full-service maintenance contracts. With this tier, players can be monitored and configured remotely. Unlike the regular subscriptions, the Enterprise subscriptions will have an additional charge per screen starting at only $5/month. 

About Bizplay

Bizplay is a young company in the digital signage space. Its hosted web-based CMS has been available since March 2012. Bizplay distinguishes itself by being a 100% web-based solution focused on finding the optimum between ease of use, affordability and versatility. Its ease of use allows anyone to create, edit and manage their own content themselves, even on a smartphone or tablet. Both the designer dashboard and player run in a web-browser, so there is no need to install and maintain any proprietary software. Versatility is established through free Bizplay apps that allow you to add online services to your pages instantly, like YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Foursquare, Yammer, etc. Bizplay is committed to expand this set of apps constantly.

Bizplay is also offers a reseller program for A/V professionals. They can either become an affiliate and offer Bizplay to their customers as-is. Or they can have their own white-labeled version of the service. In less than a day they can start resell the service as if it were their own.