Creating pages with your own message

The information on your TV screen is displayed as a sequence of pages. Pages are created in a few easy steps:

  • login to
  • create pages with the advanced Bizplay designer
  • create a playback sequence by putting the pages in a playlist
  • assign the playlist to a channel

Your pages are now ready to be displayed on your TV screen(s).

The designer

Advanced designer

Once you have logged in, you can create and edit pages with the advanced designer, which includes:

  • adding text with more than 30 fonts to choose from.
  • creating your own image gallery from which you can directly put images on your page.
  • creating semi-transparent overlays to make your text stand out on top of images
  • and much more...

Series of apps

You can come up with only so much content yourself. Apps allow you to display content from the internet on your page. This is an ever expanding set of apps, but here’s a couple of them:


For embedding videos from YouTube


Or if you host your in-store videos at Vimeo, this app is for you


For tweets from yourself, to yourself or with a specific hashtag


For showing off your Instagram photo stream


To welcome your customers on your screen the second they checkin


For your in-company message stream

Web page

For embedding any other web page or part thereof in your Bizplay page.


For hourly or daily forecasts


For the latest headlines from leading news sources


For displaying any online feed, either article- or ticker-style

QR Code

For creating and displaying a QR code to point smartphone users to background information

Sample pages

Sample pages

To get you started with your own pages, you can choose from sample pages that we are expanding ever more.

Easy drag ’n drop editing

When you have created a couple of pages, simply drag them into a playlist to set the playback order. Then drag the playlist into a channel. The channel has a unique web address. If you have set the web browser on the playback device to this address, the dragged ’n dropped playlist starts playing instantly.

Mobile management

All your content can be managed via the web browser on your mobile device, like an iPad, iPhone or Android phone or tablet. So now you can immediately and anywhere do things like:

  • change that product price on a page
  • remove a page from a playlist when your offer sells out
  • add a page to a playlist for last minute offers
  • switch playlists in the current channel