Hosted web-base digital signage software
for non-technical people

  • Very easy to use
  • No software installation required
  • With apps for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more
  • Plays even on a SmartTV
How hard can it be?

You know that "how hard can it be" feeling?

Most digital signage software solutions require that you have the skills of a professional video editor. Or they only allow you to schedule a set of pictures, video's and PowerPoint presentations that you created in another program. Bizplay, on the other hand, gives you your own design environment in which you can very easily create and modify the content of your pages.

How do I make it look right?

Unsure how to make it look right?

Yes, we have samples pages to get you started with your own page designs. But honestly: your screen content is going to look best if the design of your pages matches your company style. That's why our design team is here to get you started with your own custom design for free! Just create a couple of pages yourself and then mail us a "make me pretty"-request.

Worries about installation and maintenance?

Worried how to install and maintain it all?

Many digital signage software solutions are "web-based". That is... they distribute the content from the central server to the playback computers via the internet. But oftentimes you need to install and maintain vendor-specific software on either end. That's a pain.

At Bizplay we host the whole solution on our servers. So you don't need to install any "Bizplay-specific" software. We make sure the software runs steadily 24/7 and you always get the latest software updates automatically without ever noticing. The only software you need is a web browser and that's why it even works on a SmartTV! That is the difference between hosted web-based digital signage and just web-based digital signage.

Design once, play everywhere...

Yet another area in which Bizplay stands out: with one low-cost monthly subscription you can create your digital signage content on your own design dashboard. You can then play your content on many different screen types; SmartTV's, mini computers like the Intel NUC, your current digital signage device, tablets, HDMI sticks, an old computer or laptop, basically anything that has a web browser. Added bonus; you can change the content of your screens even from your smart phone.  

Apps for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Foursquare, Yammer and more

Keeping content fresh is hard enough. But Bizplay apps ease the burden. They let you to integrate content of online services into your pages. Tweets from yourself or your customers. Cool YouTube or Vimeo videos. And you can welcome customers that checkin with Foursquare. Or enhance your in-company communication, by showing your Yammer feed live on your company TV screen. But there's also news, weather, QR codes, RSS tickers, etc. And the collection of apps keeps growing.


You don't have a TV screen yet?

No problem! Mail us for help with finding the right hardware and getting it installed.

Are you an AV hardware vendor? Be a Bizplay reseller!

We are always looking for reliable AV hardware vendors that can provide installation services and support to our customers to help them get the most suited setup. Read more...